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Worked with Garima Sharma, Azin Vahanian, and Yichen Yao

(UC Irvine MSBA ‘21)

Why this project matters

The past decade has shown a rise in popularity for online dating platforms, and now there are many different applications that match a variety of diverse lifestyles. Each platform has their own algorithm for making matches and connections; therefore, there is a lot of competition between sites. Although there are differences in each platform, the online dating scene usually follows a similar format. At signup, users are asked a series of questions such as age, location, level of education, income, hobbies, etc. in order to find compatible…

How much advertising is too much? In this project we will break this question down into tangible, quantifiable tasks to obtain actionable results. We will explore the effect of online advertising for restaurants on multiple online websites and compare which website, frequency, and method is ideal.

Worked with Swathi Mudhelli, Naby Syeda, Alejandra Miramontes, and Meixi Sun

(UC Irvine MSBA ‘21)

Randomization check

To understand if the test and control groups are similar (i.e., if we are comparing apples to apples), we found a t-test to be appropriate:

t.test(Timp ~ star$test)

Worked with Swathi Mudhelli, Naby Syeda, Alejandra Miramontes, and Meixi Sun

(UC Irvine MSBA ‘21)


a. Business Problem

As COVID-19 hit the world and the situation rapidly evolved in 2020, many industries were affected by the pandemic, especially the airline industry. Many countries created travel restrictions and bans, which greatly changed and challenged the operation of airline companies. The airline industry consistently faces great challenges to maintain satisfaction levels. According to the American customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), benchmarks indicate that only 1% of airlines are able to maintain or improve customer satisfaction YoY.(1) …

Worked with Garima Sharma, Hongjia Xu, Meng(Mona) Xu, Jinwei Wu

(UC Irvine MSBA ‘21)


As more and more individuals utilize online platforms to share information, thoughts, and opinions to the public, the need for oversight becomes necessary. This is due to the fact that some individuals post with the intent to hurt, insult, and bring hatred to another person or group. This is a problem that must be addressed, and utilizing Natural Language Processing will be the core of this project. …

Harshal Vaza

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